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The Birmingham International Record Fair

held three times a year

bringing together more music choices from all over the UK

At Junction 6 : M42

National Conference Centre / National Motorcycle Museum

Our next record fair will be opens from 9am on SUNDAY 9th June 2024,

offering many select collections of albums singles cds and 78s.

 Well curated collectables of value, often rarities - and coveted titles

from genres wide and ecclectic.

Image by Markus Spiske


Birmingham International Record Fair is well established; it was a 78s fair for almost 35 years BUT NOW .. MORE.


A bright, spacious and warm venue, right in the heart of the Midlands.  With easy level access, free parking and all day facilities (including the adjacent cafe to the front of the National Motorcycle Museum), there will be an event  held here 3 times a year.

Dealer Bookings..... 

See Seller Enquiries below...


At Junction 6 on the M42  ...Open from 7 am for dealers only - Doors close at 3.

Next fair    9th June 2024!



For buyers there's a lot to like at the Birmingham International Record Fair. 

Held at the National Motorcycle Museum, the venue is easily reached by the ringroad and only about a mile from Birmingham International Airport.  There are refreshments available from the excellent adjacent cafe and within the well lit hall - there are crate upon crate of records.  Put simply -a vast selection of records from leading UK traders with extensive knowledge of their stock.


From 9 to 10.30 am  early bird admission option £5

Standard admission £3 from

10.30 am onwards - doors close at

3 pm

Add to your collection

from1000s of titles offered

at the BIRF

for lovers of vinyl records;-

60s 70s 80s 90s pop rock and more

Listen to records YOU OWN...

in YOUR OWN time

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